Welcome confusion to department of the

Webkin dear,

I are know busy you. Alright it's. All busy we are. Main it's our job. Fact in, experts are all we this field in. Busy more, hunger less. 

People are other specialized more. Paid they get for it. Enter offices their and a ride in you're for. Advice if you're looking for out me hear. Have they all of the making a salad fruit. Job main their is stuff to jumble up. To late too realise are that you in a trials and errors a rollercoaster of.

Require the paperwork is they a big to jigsaw puzzle, too. Studied they of Science Bachelor in Major Chaos. So time next, the mess expect, tea breaks the half-day. Show impatience never. It's Offense Civil in a Confusion the Department of.

Lila speaking ❝ Literally


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