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The amnesia of an "ex-dreamer"

Hey, webkin. It's been a while. The past weeks had me running like a roadrunner. I was LITERALLY in full hectic mode. You may think I'm complaining, or that this is the price I pay for seeking a little comfort. But you'd be surprised to know the reason runs deeper than your sceptic tank. You heard me right. It smells foul, too. All this hectic-ness and comfortless-ness are a true tale as aged as time, so to speak. In fact, it runs in the blood of those who genuinely fought for true comfort; some of which were forgotten by history books. But these efforts don't really matter to pseudo-revolutionaries. I bet the last thing they want is smell forget-me-nots when the ghosts of those who genuinely fought for their right to vote or right to have fun is lurking nearby.  These ex-dreamers' stories of showing up merely for hedonistic reasons stink, and thus, deserve to be forgotten. Literally ❝ Lila   

The nightmare of insomnia

hELLo, wEbKin.  I love sleeping. In fact, napping is my favorite past time. If I could I would nap with my eyes wide open so that I could see who is having a good laugh watching. At times, I would stay awake overnight even when not touching coffee for days. So, I couldn't fully blame this beany drink for the predicament it had inflicted on me. In fact, no one dares blame whoever weaponized coffee, at all. It's no easy task trying not to rely on sleeping pills either; I rarely pray to conventional medicine for my salvation.  Insomnia can be a nightmare especially when I needed to get up for work or for an early appointment. It makes you feel like a floating ghost all day long. It gives you a glimpse of the back of people's head for the first time, unto the darkest corner of their subconscious, watch them secretly scheme against the rat race. It makes you hear colleagues talk about your worn out face behind you. Honestly, it makes you feel like you have suddenly acquired some