Coffee is my ticket to dreamland

Dear webkin,

Don't get me wrong. As far as my daily nightshift is concerned, my dreamland is far from the sleep everyone is craving for. It is nothing more than just a few waking hours of thinking about things I hardly even think about when I'm awake, as I sip my blackest of coffees. Basking under the sun. Frolicking in the white sand of some famous beach resort. Walking down the streets guilt-free of my sweets-filled tummy. I dream of staying awake to keep myself from drifting off this dream-like state I'm in right now. 

But, alas, I'm right here staring back at the half-blank page of this letter, half-cup of coffee in my hand, trying to fill it with entertaining thoughts, umm, I mean the letter, while hardly dwelling on the limits of SEO and stuff like that. 

I always rely on a cup of coffee to take me to this joyride I cOuLd NeVer TaG mY faMiLy or friends along. As I chug in the rest of the coffee I realized that I needed to capture and seal this moment on this page. Thank you for reading this moment.

Literally ❝ Lila



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