Painting the world with words

Dear webkin,

I am constantly thinking about how you're coping in this urban wilderness. I sincerely hope you're in a better place. 

Life is one big distraction, above all else. Paint a line and the toddler calls for the nth time. Scribble a word, Whatsapp pulls a prank on you. When we all thought we've started playing the music, the sirens turn off. The followers bear arms to take down the throne. And leaders bury themselves in wealth. 

 The rest of us fart race, as usual. 

But we keep doing what we do, routinely distracting ourselves, and we do it all at once. Oftentimes, I paint my thoughts with colorful words. I guess that's how I make myself feel better. 

 Or the world must have slowly faded in my eyes. 

Literally ❝ Lila


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