A generation that reads more

Hello, webkin.

Me again. Firstly, it means a lot to me that you're reading my letters.

Things took a bizarre turn after the pandemic. Everyone had gone back to being cold again, maybe even colder. Lawyers are now more aggressive than telemarketers. Landlords have never been more predatory. Governments have become the penultimate trolls in all of human history. 

  ✔ And ✔ the ✔ list ✔ goes ✔ on ✔ and ✔ on.  

But there is one thing that caught my attention. People read more than ever, with an estimated screen time of more than five hours and thirty minutes a day. Everyone reads everyone. 

✔ How many movies we watch a week.  What music we are listening to. ✔ Where we can buy children's cough syrup. ✔ Who greeted who on their birthday. ✔ What crucial thought we have at the moment. ✔ The kitchen is burning. ✔ Pineapple-flavored pizza. ✔ Spam galore. ✔ FYI DIY IRL. ✔ Recipes for the gods. ✔ You name it. 

  YOU are the whole story.  

Literally ❝ Lila



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