The plague of the past...and present

Heeey, webkin.  

How are you doing today? I hope you're feeling better. I mean, better than the past two years at least. I had to know, had the plague really gone AWOL? Have we truly moved on to finding a new pasture? Deep down inside, I feel like my mind had contracted diseases that are unknown to modern science, or modern human for that matter. 

It's borderline hypochondriac, if you ask me. If I get the chance to live a few universes away I'd be pirouetting my butt in search of another me just to invalidate this delusion. 

What are the odds that I'd find another me who is immune not only to viral outbreaks but also to our current society? If you ask me, I bet coronavirus cases are nothing compared to the number of people lining up to visit their psychotherapists these past years. 

I'm guessing our ails will take centuries to cure, if at all. That is, if we actually acknowledge the real disease that is killing us from the inside. 

Literally ❝ Lila


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