Literal Lila

 Heeey, webkin. 

I'm now literally and officially sealing my webkinship with you for opening my letter, ok?

I've often wondered why I write, about my inner storms and stuff—and cats. Maybe I want to befriend the world. Maybe I want to live forever. Maybe I want to get back at people. Or maybe I just couldn't quiet my mind. It speaks to me day and night, urging me to expose life as I see it. I must be hearing voices. 😨

Kidding aside. I want to write about the sun when it chased the moon. How many homes the beaver had rented. If emojis have had names, at all.

Not to worry. There's literally nothing figurative to read here other than my uniformly randomized thoughts. Btw, do shower thoughts get wet? AsKiNg FoR a FrIeNd. Srly, I'll talk to you soon.

Copyrighted June 2022,
Literally ❝ Lila


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